The Music School of Universal City

Learning how to play a musical instrument can be a very frustrating task! There is nothing worse than those repetitive music lessons one might have taken as a child. ‘The School of Music in Universal City’, is a far cry from your average music school!! Each instructor takes their time to get to know the students in order to equip each one with his/her own persona20151012_15330422lized lesson plan. Each lesson is based on many different aspects of the students life, including their hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes, music goals, ambitions and their own specific music preferences. The end result is a personalized music lesson tailor made to fit each individual student.

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Founder, Art Villarreal, has been teaching the guitar and bass for over twenty years and playing music for over thirty five years. During his career, Art has performed professionally with a variety of acts including local San Antonio bands such as S.A. Slayer, Karion, and Rhett Forester to nationally touring  as a William Morris Act. His vast amount of experience speaks for itself through his music lessons. Eventually, after teaching for a few years at a locally owned music store, Art decided to team up with Tom Lopez and in 2006, they opened The Music School of Universal City. Tom is a multi-talented musician, who teaches percussion, strings and drums among several other instruments. Tom’s specializes in beginner lessons and teaches children from four years old. Currently Tom offers quarterly recitals for his students and the school has future plans to orchestrate a live concert for other students, as well.

The school also offers piano lessons with Sarah Murphy, as well as beginner through advanced vocal training lessons with Oscar Pesche, who holds a Master’s Degree from U.T. Austin, in Voice Performance. Currently, there are about 90 students enrolled. Aside from teaching this wide array of instruments, the school has also incorporated a fretted instrument repair service. They offer everything from all out modification to small repairs to easier jobs such as a simple restring. Contact the school for a free estimate on repairs and lessons.

For more information please contact

‘The Music School of Universal City’

902 Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX 78148

(210) 415-8350

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