Straight for the Sun- by Sharla Sharp

Hey guys! This week, I’m reviewing the CD debut “Straight for the Sun” by Houston boys, Spacebear!  First – a little bit of history. I have been friends with bass player, Jamie Ferrini, for 30 years, so when he asked if I would take a listen to this CD, I immediately said yes. And also because of of our friendship, I really wanted to like this album, but I didn’t  ..I LOVED IT!!

Courtesy of SPACEBEAR

This band is a seriously tight,  powerhouse trio of musicians who delivers solid music that makes you feel good! Before long,  I found myself listening to their CD in the car, at my office and even during my afternoon jog.. Pretty much all day! And their sound? Well, imagine if Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters had a baby and that baby- KICKED YOUR ASS! That’s Spacebear!

Check Spacebear out live!  They will be playing the “Red Gorilla Eventduring SXSW in a few weeks here in Austin. Don’t miss this show! Until next time, my lovelies…Keep Austin Rockin !– Sharla Sharp


For more info check out SPACEBEAR



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