Donny Syracuse – ARCADE

fb_img_14613869057332.jpg.jpegIn the early 1980’s, hair metal music exploded onto the scene. One of the most notable bands from this era was the band named RATT, featuring the well recognized vocal range of singer, Stephen Pearcy. In 1990, Pearcy left RATT and joining together with Fred Coury, who the former drummer of the well known band, CINDERELLA, began to work on a side project.. thus birthing the band ARCADE.

At the time, Donny Syracuse was playing for a band named GYPSY ROSE. After opening up for CINDERELLA  at the THE GALAXY in New Jersey, Donny received a call from Fred Coury asking if he would be interested in joining ARCADE. Donny went in, nailed the audition and the rest is history!


Born in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, Donny began playing the guitar very young and by the age of fourteen, he realized that he had found his calling in playing music. He was heavily influenced by the legendary guitarist Gary Moore and played his first live gig in 1978. With no regret Donny believes that to make it in the business, one must not only have a little luck, but also be willing to follow their dreams. Most importantly one should be nice to EVERYONE you meet along the way!
One of Donny’s most memorable moments was when ARCADE opened up for BON JOVI and he ran their ego ramp! “That was a big no-no!” Donny states!! Lesson learned!

fb_img_1461387547905-1.jpgToday, Donny still plays locally, but now he has set his focus more on his restaurant, High Street Cafe located deep in the heart of West Chester, PA. So if ever you find yourself in the northeast part of the country, be sure to catch a Donny Syracuse Band show and a bite to eat! You WON’T be disappointed!

Wishing Donny and band all the best ! KEEP ON ROCKIN!

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