Alice Cooper & Co.- Still Going Strong

14079520_10209280019571330_2930212661437200468_nIf there is one show in this century that is a definite “Must See”, this would be the one! When it comes to theatrical stage shows, Alice Cooper is the King still reigning supreme. Taking  good, classic, hard hitting rock and roll and throwing in some snakes, dolls and make-up, then bringing them all together for an outstanding show, is what Alice has does best  for years!

With the recent addition of the power-house guitarist Nita 14117854_10209280019171320_9049057556756086441_nStrauss to the band in June of 2014, Alice is on top! Ranked #1 by Guitar World” in their list of ‘Best Female Guitar Players’, Nita is best known for her former work as the sexy, hard rocking  guitarist of the all female heavy metal tribute band known as the “Iron Maidens”. AND MAN !! Does she SHRED on lead guitar!

Combining Alice’s overall creepy stage presence makes for one HELL of a show! Lest we not forget the dolls! And of course, an Alice Cooper show would NOT be complete without his signature ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ and his pet snake! Don’t delay! Get your tickets to the REAL Greatest Show on Earth!!!!  Below are a few pics taken at the Austin, Texas show by Mr.John Andrews.









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