Ace Frehley Shines At The Bat Fest

There is nothing like seeing one of your favorite guitarists, on a small stage in the middle of the street, in downtown Austin, Texas with 40 of your closest, unknown friends that can make you feel any better!

fb_img_1471847482190-3.jpgThe 2016 Austin Bat Fest featured the “Hottest Band on Earth’s” renowned  guitarist , Mr. Ace Frehley with his solo project this year, and they really WERE on fire! Ace playing his classic songs such as Shock Me, Back in The New York Groove , Love Gun, Parasite Lady  and other classics was just the beginning. His band was absolutely amazing as well!!

fb_img_1471847487952-1.jpgPreviously the bassist for THE CULT, Mr. Chris Wyse delivered a bass solo that was absolutely flawless! He also sang a LED ZEPPELIN classic that would have made Robert Plant cry! Another highlight of the evening was when the drummer Scot Coogan also belted out a LED ZEPPELIN favorite,  “Bring it on Home”!  The crowd loved it! These guys really know how to have fun!

Prior to the show, there had been a threat of down-pouring rain, therefore not as many people showed up as were expected. The crowd and the band both seemed to be fine with that, as it made for a more personal experience. Great Job, Space Ace!

Photos By John Andrews


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