Junkyard & Broken Teeth- Austin,Texas

If you were not able to make it down to the Texas Mist on Saturday night, then you missed one really great show indeed! Patrons fervently enjoyed welcoming  home  one of Austin’s favorite local bands, JUNKYARD.fb_img_1474833416120-1

Force of Rage started off the show with a good, strong sound and did not let up! Then was  BROKEN TEETH, featuring well-known  singer Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys and recent AMA winner, Steve”Wonderbread“Larson from  Scorpio Rising, who took the stage next, making for the perfect follow up band. With these guys being local favorites themselves, BROKEN TEETH delivered quite an energetic set to follow the  solid opening act. As usual, Jason’s voice was right on point, as it is always a pleasure to hear his classic trademark ‘McMaster’ s20160925_0028102-jpgound!

Finally, as  JUNKYARD took the stage, the crowd erupted with yells screams, and ……. a one-man mosh pit? Now don’t misunderstand me.. I am ALL ABOUT a good pit… but just a little more accustomed to seeing one at perhaps, a  METAL show!? Needless to say, most of the concert goers at this particular  venue, were far from thrilled with being periodically bludgeoned by some random, seemingly drunken fans elbow! In fact, very few seemed to share his level of enthusiasm! Oh well, it DID however make for great band appreciation, and definitely well deserved!

20160924_233643-1Overall, it was one fantastic show as David Roach  and boys, rocked the house! They played classic songs such as  Long Way Home, Life Sentence, Hollywood and of course their beloved hit, Simple Man. At the end of the night, the band wrapped up the encore with everyone’s favorite break-up song, Hands Off. It made for hell of an evening and great ending to a great show. The highlight of the evening  was being able to see David Roach perform.

Just months prior, Roach ended up hospitalized with very serious injuries due to a car accident. In a post on his Facebook page, David implored that people not to text, change the radio station, play with CD’s, talk on 20160924_235003-12-jpg1the phone or anything else which might divert attention from the  driver. His message is simple. – Yours is not the only life at risk when you are preoccupied and not paying attention to the road. Today, singer David Roach is bouncing back full steam ahead, exhibiting strength and sheer determination to perform for the adoring,  loyal fans… of  JUNKYARD!


(This article is dedicated to the memory of  Mr. Brian Banduch)- Rest In Peace, Nailhead.

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