Blue Oyster Cult – Touring FOREVER!

When people think of the “old school” rock and roll bands, several probably come to mind including Moxy, Deep Purple and perhaps even Jethro Tull, among others. One that definitely rings a bell for most would have to be the infamous Blue Oyster Cult.

Named20170811_225723 after a group of aliens who were secretly placed on Earth to guide it’s history, from a poem written by the bands manager, Sandy Pearlman, B.O.C.  has sold over 24 million albums worldwide since their debut in 1967.  The band originates from Long Island, New York. After many trials and tribulations, they have returned as hard and heavy as ever!

20170811_225748-3Blue Oyster Cult recently played in Austin, Texas and this band delivered one of the most intense and entertaining shows ever seen! “Buck” Dharma is an absolute guitar guru. After appeasing the crowd with their well known hit, “I’m Burnin’ for You“, the band went back in time to produce hits off of their first and second albums. As guitarist Ritchie Castellano  and founding member, Buck Dharma took part in a guitar battle that was just overwhelming, as Dharma ‘made love’ to his guitar. It was one of the most outstanding performances ever witnessed for those lucky enough to be in the audience.  As the show wound down, they finished the set with “Godzilla” , and of course , their signature song..”Don’t Fear the Reaper“. It was a truly amazing performance and a great time was had by all! This is a definite must see!

Coming to a town near you!! Check the link below for up and coming shows near you.

Blue Oyster Cult Tour


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