Slayer takes Philly by Storm! Literally!!

Everyone’s favorite heavy metal band, Slayer was on the road again and touring North America, with Lamb Of God and Behemoth. The trio recently played a sold out show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at a small outdoor venue called ‘The Electric Factory’, and members of the SS213, Slayer fan group, were front and center! The 213 members rally together in order to enjoy Slayer concerts with one another.

20292634_10105541438005869_8265058158745733249_nThe opening band, Behemoth, 20294228_10105541339942389_8856179253842051180_ndelivered a strong performance with their powerful leads and growling vocals. Then, came the rain… The venue had to stop the show due to lightning, but after a brief intermission, the security let the crowd loose and it was every man and woman for themselves!! Lamb of God took the stage next and delivered one hellacious performance! Considering the fact that Philly was where their fan base originated, according to lead singer and front man, Randy Blythe and they were not about to let their fans down!! The bands set list contained several of their older songs as the sweaty  crowd of rain-drenched metal heads answered them with howls of praise!

Then the almighty Slayer took the stage, and it was over!! The pit erupted, doubling in size while crowdsurfing became a constant! Frontman Tom Araya, casually smiled between songs as they continued their full metal onslaught on their Philadelphia crowd, while it continued “Raining” in blood ! High energy, great bands and great fans make for the most unforgettable shows!!   \m/20294294_10105541438010859_8371905663339119353_n

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