KID ROCK..for Senator?

A Washington D.C. based watchdog group, The Common Cause,  is questioning why Kid Rock is selling “Kid Rock for Senate” shirts and not adhering to the “rules”!?

The group has filed a formal complaint with both the United States Dept of Justice and the Federal Election Commisson against the singer/ songwriter also known as Robert Ritchie, although he claims to be exempt from adherence to the candidiate filing requirements. The group believes that Ritchie has earned approximately $5000 through his merchandising and therefore this makes him a candidate by electoral law. Because of this, the group of watchdogs believe that as a candidate, he should be bound by the same laws as the others running for office.

Kid Rock’s reply was short and sweet, but effective.. He simply told this group to “Go Fuck Themselves”! Sounds like an answer one might expect from the Detroit superstar bad boy!

Good Luck Kid!


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