The Catman meets his Biggest Fan!

KISS has rocked the world for over 4 decades and have fans of all ages! “The Hottest Band in The World” just recently finished up their world tour in Louisiana and there was a very special little fan in attendance.

Four-year-old Ava Mull got to do what most people only dream about. Ava became enamoured with “The Catman”, Eric Singer after seeing the cartoon “KISS meets Scoobey Doo”. Because she was so taken by him, her father, Gregory Mull decided to take Ava to see her first concert and favorite band character perform live at a recent show in Irving, Texas.

As luck would have it, Eric Singer’s brother was in the audience right behind her. He snapped a picture of Ava and sent it to his brother letting him know that “he had found his biggest fan.”

Two days later, the bands last stop on the tour was in Louisiana and once more luck would intervene. The Mull family was actually from Louisiana.

Upon finding out that his biggest fan would be at the show, Eric arranged for the little girl to come backstage and meet him. Ava and her father met with Eric before the show and this little fan was starstruck and rendered speechless upon meeting her idol, the Catman!

After pictures were taken, the family went into the audience and Ava watched as her hero played. One thing is for sure. This little fan will never forget the experience of meeting, Eric Singer, the Catman of KISS!

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