Once again, tragedy has hit home in the metal world. Vincent Paul Abbott has passed away at 54 years old, due to a massive heart attack.

Better known to his adoring fans as Vinny Paul, the legendary drummer is the older brother of guitar great , “Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott. The brothers played together from childhood and formed the metal band PANTERA.

After PANTERA disbanded, Vinnie and Dimebag formed DAMAGE PLAN. However, after a Darrell Abbott was brutally gunned down while onstage. Vinnie eventually went on to form HELL YEAH with other members from the band, MUDVAYNE. The band HELL YEAH was currently scheduled to play at various venues in the U.S.

Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell have forever etched a place in the hearts of metal lovers as the music world now mourns the loss these two very special brothers and musicians.

Rock on Guys.. You will both be greatly missed ..😢

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