“CobraCast” Podcast

Originally from Connecticut, Bobby Sharron, has only one regret… That he didn’t start sooner!

As an avid listener of the JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE, and THE CHURCH OF WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW with JOEY COCO DIAZ, Sharron was inspired to try his hand at podasting.

After moving to Austin in 1991 and being a former musician himself, Sharron had the idea to start an audio/video podcast dedicated ONLY to local Austin bands as being the topic of discussion. Fortunately with his previous exerience combined with a little networking, Sharron would easily provide an endless supply of guests.

Finally, after four years in the making, COBRACAST PODCAST AND RADIO was born on September 20, 2016.

The podcast is a live AV broadcast. Sharron and his guests do not use scripts of any kind. With nothing in place, anything is possible!

“Of course music is the number one topic, but the conversations usually go all over the place… just like life.”

Today, after over 140 epiodes Sharron has become quite the expert on podcasting. He believes that the key to success is all about being patient and sticking with your dreams.

“Your not going to get a million downloads or views right away. Its all about building an audience with constistant good quality content.”

Cobracast currently has 1400 plus followers on Facebook and over 500 followers on Twitter. The podcast airs live on Monday and Wednesday night’s at 7:30 pm CST on FACEBOOK LIVE and YOU TUBE.

Check out the COBRACAST webpage!

Watch The Episodes Below:

AJ Vallejo & Johnny Goudie

99 Crimes

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