The Salvation Kingdom

“Who was Cliff Burton?”

Thirty one years ago, the world lost one of the greatest bass players in the history of rock and roll. Metallica had been traveling through Stockholm, Sweden when their tour bus hit a deadly patch of black ice. The bus lost control, flipped and the bands bassist, Clifford Lee Burton, was killed instantly. Burton’s untimely death is still mourned by his adoring fans worldwide.

Connie Burton

Connie Burton, Cliff’s older sister, has released a must see video entitled “The Salvation Kingdom”. The movie is based on the life of Cliff Burton, as told by his sister. The ninety minute movie touches on Cliff’s childhood and hobbies, and also his views on spirituality, as well as many other topics. The video is free to view on You Tube.

The Salvation Kingdom–

RIP Cliff Burton

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