Tragic Death of a Fan

On December11, 2022, a woman leaves the Ja Rule and Ashanti concert as it comes to an end in Cedar Park, Texas. As she makes her way through the sea of concert goers, she sees her car and realizes it has been broken into and her laptop is gone. The woman spots the vandals and starts to argue with them, demanding the return of her property. In the middle of this crowded parking lot, one of the two men fatally stabs the woman.

The assailants run from the gruesome scene as nearby witnesses give chase but the damgage is already done. The woman has died. There will be no justice served for the music fan who took her final breath in the parking lot of the HEB Center.

People attend concerts to enjoy live music and to support their favorite musicians. The musicians who have delivered the music that touches people’s souls. Others attend concerts to pilage and plunder through the parking lot, taking everything they can within reach. With over 4,000 people in attendance, one would naturally assume that they would be somewhat safe. Plenty of witnesses if not. But on this night, no one was able to keep this woman from meeting her untimely death.

God bless this woman and Godspeed. Our hearts are heavy with sadness and we send our condolences to her family. So very sorry for your loss..

E. Stone

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