KID ROCK..for Senator?

A Washington D.C. based watchdog group, The Common Cause,  is questioning why Kid Rock is selling “Kid Rock for Senate” shirts and not adhering to the “rules”!? The group has filed a formal complaint with both the United States Dept of Justice and the Federal Election Commisson against the singer/ songwriter also known as Robert Ritchie, although he claims to be exempt from adherence to the candidiate … Continue reading KID ROCK..for Senator?

Blue Oyster Cult – Touring FOREVER!

When people think of the “old school” rock and roll bands, several probably come to mind including Moxy, Deep Purple and perhaps even Jethro Tull, among others. One that definitely rings a bell for most would have to be the infamous Blue Oyster Cult. Named after a group of aliens who were secretly placed on Earth to guide it’s history, from a poem written by … Continue reading Blue Oyster Cult – Touring FOREVER!

Slayer takes Philly by Storm! Literally!!

Everyone’s favorite heavy metal band, Slayer was on the road again and touring North America, with Lamb Of God and Behemoth. The trio recently played a sold out show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at a small outdoor venue called ‘The Electric Factory’, and members of the SS213, Slayer fan group, were front and center! The 213 members rally together in order to enjoy Slayer concerts with one another. The … Continue reading Slayer takes Philly by Storm! Literally!!

“Say Hello 2 Heaven” – RIP Chris Cornell

Hearts are heavy in the world of rock and roll, as one of the most beloved grunge singers, Christopher John Boyle, better known as, Chris Cornell was pronounced dead today, May 17, 2017.  The singer’s death was ruled as a “suicide by hanging” although an official autopsy report has yet to be released at this time. His wife of 13 years, Vicky Karayiannis, was reported … Continue reading “Say Hello 2 Heaven” – RIP Chris Cornell

Goodbye Chuck Berry

 Today, the music world mourns the loss of one of rock & roll’s most defining and beloved artists, Mr. Chuck Berry.   ‘Charles Edward Anderson Berry Jr.’ was born on October 18, 1926. He introduced the world to an entirely new sound thus paving the way for so many musicians to follow in his footsteps. His influence on other artists spanned over decades. He was an amazing artist and … Continue reading Goodbye Chuck Berry

Troy Dillinger – From Bassist and Beyond!

Who is Troy Dillinger? Aside from being the bass player for the BAND FROM HELL,  he is: Host of ‘AUSTIN VARIETY SHOW’, Formerly with the band ‘DEL DRAGONS’, Actor in Sandra Bullock’s blockbuster hit ‘MISS CONGENIALITY ‘, Actor in ‘PINEAPPLE’, Actor in ‘MY COMFORTABLE STRANGER’, and the list goes on! With twenty plus years of fame, fortune and music in almost every area of showbiz under his … Continue reading Troy Dillinger – From Bassist and Beyond!

SLAYER & ANTHRAX with Death Angel

SLAYER wraps up their North American Tour and heads home, but it is not without sorrow that their fans bid them farewell, until the next time. As always, they put on a hell of a great show playing several songs off their newest album release “Repentless“. But of course, they could not have done a show without all their old favorites as well, such as … Continue reading SLAYER & ANTHRAX with Death Angel

The Best Damn College Radio..Ever- with Boogieman & Wiseguy

College radio is one of the most appreciated aspects of campus life by many students. Having an on-campus radio station on campus provides the students with a personalized gateway for local news, music, entertainment and athletic events. The city of Elyria is no exception. Located in the upper northeast region of Ohio, Elyria sits approximately forty miles south of the Canadian border. Within this small … Continue reading The Best Damn College Radio..Ever- with Boogieman & Wiseguy

Junkyard & Broken Teeth- Austin,Texas

If you were not able to make it down to the Texas Mist on Saturday night, then you missed one really great show indeed! Patrons fervently enjoyed welcoming  home  one of Austin’s favorite local bands, JUNKYARD. Force of Rage started off the show with a good, strong sound and did not let up! Then was  BROKEN TEETH, featuring well-known  singer Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys … Continue reading Junkyard & Broken Teeth- Austin,Texas