Ace Frehley Comes to Austin’s Bat Fest

There is nothing like seeing one of your favorite guitarists, on a small stage in the middle of the street, in downtown Austin, Texas with 40 of your closest, unknown friends that can make you feel any better! The 2016 Austin Bat Fest featured the “Hottest Band on Earth’s” renowned  guitarist , Mr. Ace Frehley with his solo project this year, and they really WERE … Continue reading Ace Frehley Comes to Austin’s Bat Fest

Alice Cooper & Co.- Still Going Strong

If there is one show in this century that is a definite “Must See”, this would be the one! When it comes to theatrical stage shows, Alice Cooper is the King still reigning supreme. Taking  good, classic, hard hitting rock and roll and throwing in some snakes, dolls and make-up, then bringing them all together for an outstanding show, is what Alice has does best  … Continue reading Alice Cooper & Co.- Still Going Strong

Dead Ed -Artist Extraordinaire

Hey Rockers!! Check out ‘DEAD ED’ Art with the link provided in the sidebar !  Great guy .. GREAT ARTWORK! From Midland, Texas comes a rider on a pale horse! Well, .. maybe just a pale dude with a horse.. or maybe .. just a pale dude who can draw his ass off! Mr. Ed Berg does custom designs for bands, posters, flyers, weddings and probably  … Continue reading Dead Ed -Artist Extraordinaire

Donny Syracuse – ARCADE

In the early 1980’s, hair metal music exploded onto the scene. One of the most notable bands from this era was the band named RATT, featuring the well recognized vocal range of singer, Stephen Pearcy. In 1990, Pearcy left RATT and joining together with Fred Coury, who the former drummer of the well known band, CINDERELLA, began to work on a side project.. thus birthing the band ARCADE. At the time, Donny Syracuse was playing … Continue reading Donny Syracuse – ARCADE

“Madame Scorpio”of SCORPIO RISING

Being a female in the music business used to be quite the challenge! Although there are several bands today with females, this was not always the case! In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the Austin music scene only had a select few bands playing the circa, with female members. One of the most popular of these groups, was a band named RETARTED ELF who incorporated a dancer into their show…A young lady by the … Continue reading “Madame Scorpio”of SCORPIO RISING

Goodbye, Sweet Prince

Once again, tragedy strikes the music world. The beloved artist, ‘who will forever be known as‘ PRINCE, said farewell not only to his fans, but also to the world. On Thursday morning, April 21, 2016, the Carver Police Department received a 911 call stating that the music artist, PRINCE, was found in the elevator at his home and studio in Paisley Park. He was reported … Continue reading Goodbye, Sweet Prince

SXSW 2016

As Friday approaches, it marks the end of the first work week after Spring Break. So too, Austin traffic has returned to it’s regularly scheduled programming, but not without leaving behind the fond memories of this year’s S.X.S.W. Interactive, Film and Music Festival. This year featured some very prominent individuals, indeed! The keynote speaker for this year was Mr. President Barrack Obama, who opened the … Continue reading SXSW 2016

A Metal Fairytale- Interview w/ Sandra Araya

Being a true metal head, takes great dedication! It means attending a lot of shows, profuse sweating, an occasional bruise or two and plenty of whiplash! So what is the payoff? The experience of hearing the music, screaming guitars and of course, there is the mosh pit. However, for one woman it would be the place where her life would be changed forever. Sandra was … Continue reading A Metal Fairytale- Interview w/ Sandra Araya

Straight for the Sun- by Sharla Sharp

Hey guys! This week, I’m reviewing the CD debut “Straight for the Sun” by Houston boys, Spacebear!  First – a little bit of history. I have been friends with bass player, Jamie Ferrini, for 30 years, so when he asked if I would take a listen to this CD, I immediately said yes. And also because of of our friendship, I really wanted to like … Continue reading Straight for the Sun- by Sharla Sharp