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The Catman Meets Biggest Fan!

KISS has rocked the world for over 4 decades and have fans of all ages! “The Hottest Band in The World” just recently finished up their world tour in Louisiana and there was a very special little fan in attendance. Four-year-old Ava Mull got to do what most people only dream about. Ava became enamoured with “The Catman”, Eric Singer after seeing the cartoon “KISS meets Scoobey … Continue reading The Catman Meets Biggest Fan!

ERIC SINGER Interview- 13 years with KISS

Anyone who grew up back in the late 70’s through the early 80’s listening to bands such as KISS,  ALICE COOPER and BLACK SABBATH has probably once in their life, fantasized about being a rock star or joining their favorite band. For most people , the dream usually fades away, and becomes life’s reality; marriage, children and of course, the nine to five job. There are however, exceptions to every rule. Eric … Continue reading ERIC SINGER Interview- 13 years with KISS