Slayer -vs- Slayer

I was sixteen years old. Everyone who was anyone was just starting out. Bands like Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth, Anthrax, Sepultura, Testament and Suicidal Tendencies, just to name a few. The metal scene was flourishing thanks to record labels like Metal Blade and Mega Force. Their crowds consisted of maniacal fans known for violently thrashing around in circles or ‘pits’, headbanging to speed metal and stage … Continue reading Slayer -vs- Slayer

Last Trip in the Abyss: Slayer Says Goodbye

Much to the dismay of all metalheads worldwide, the iconic metal band, SLAYER, recently announced that their current tour would unfortunately be their last. After hearing the news, a very special group of fans known as the ‘Slaytanic Soldiers 213’ began to plan the ultimate send off. The Facebook group known as the ‘SS 213’ is more than just another fan site. The group is … Continue reading Last Trip in the Abyss: Slayer Says Goodbye

Slayer takes Philly by Storm! Literally!!

Everyone’s favorite heavy metal band, Slayer was on the road again and touring North America, with Lamb Of God and Behemoth. The trio recently played a sold out show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at a small outdoor venue called ‘The Electric Factory’, and members of the SS213, Slayer fan group, were front and center! The 213 members rally together in order to enjoy Slayer concerts with one another. The … Continue reading Slayer takes Philly by Storm! Literally!!

SLAYER & ANTHRAX with Death Angel

SLAYER wraps up their North American Tour and heads home, but it is not without sorrow that their fans bid them farewell, until the next time. As always, they put on a hell of a great show playing several songs off their newest album release “Repentless“. But of course, they could not have done a show without all their old favorites as well, such as … Continue reading SLAYER & ANTHRAX with Death Angel