Ace Frehley Comes to Austin’s Bat Fest

There is nothing like seeing one of your favorite guitarists, on a small stage in the middle of the street, in downtown Austin, Texas with 40 of your closest, unknown friends that can make you feel any better! The 2016 Austin Bat Fest featured the “Hottest Band on Earth’s” renowned  guitarist , Mr. Ace Frehley with his solo project this year, and they really WERE … Continue reading Ace Frehley Comes to Austin’s Bat Fest

Here Comes ‘The Cult’, Ya’ll!

The Cult played Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at Stubb‘s BBQ in downtown Austin, Texas. They played a good, solid show incorporating several of their popular songs from their older CD’S into their set. They continued right up until the city’s noise ordinance went into effect at 10:30 pm. Overall, they sounded just as good as they did over twenty years ago, although there is an … Continue reading Here Comes ‘The Cult’, Ya’ll!